Advice on mortgage lending: time is now ripe

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According to a recent study by the German Real Estate Association (IVD), the hour has come for home buying. Because the interest rates for construction loans will hardly fall even more, while real estate prices continue to rise. Home ownership is therefore currently more affordable than ever. With the right advice, interested parties will also find the optimal mortgage lending.

For the home purchase, the conditions are currently almost never. According to the IVD, “the affordability of owner-occupied housing has reached a historic high .” Real estate prices have risen moderately in 2014. But at the same time interest rates on such loans have declined significantly. In addition, the income of consumers has increased due to rising wages. In view of these three factors – real estate prices, interest rates and income – the real estate association comes to the conclusion that it is now “a good time for German tenant households to think about the acquisition of their four walls and thus a central contribution to their own asset accumulation and security of supply in old age afford to.”

Advice on mortgage lending: Two out of five Germans want a home

For the appropriate offer for real estate financing, the advice on mortgage lending remains in focus. For months, interest in home ownership has continued unabated, as has recently been confirmed by a study commissioned by Hannoversche Leben. According to this, almost two-thirds of people between the ages of 18 and 24 want their own property. In total, 43 percent of respondents want their own four walls .

But residential real estate is not affordable in all regions of Germany. Thus Munich remains according to IVD an expensive plaster for homebuyers. Also other big cities like

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Stuttgart and
  • Dusseldorf

score less well in comparison. In contrast, Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig are the most affordable housing regions among the big cities.

Do not overspend this February 14

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On this February 14, you do not need to spend too much to show that you want a person. Avoid getting into debt with material things.

Excited by our willingness to spend, it is not surprising that brands seize the opportunity to increase prices on February 14.

But just because each couple queues to use their money irresponsibly does not mean you have to do the same.

Being careless with your money is not the best way to show your love or friendship or ignite romance and passion. In addition, instead of the monetary value of the gift, people increasingly appreciate the intention that motivates the gesture.

In this sense, aspiring Romeos and Juliet should take note: large and expensive gifts lose their romantic appeal when they are not accompanied by an honest and deep feeling. On the other hand, what one gives with sincerity, something unique and special, is what that is gaining hearts.

This is good news for your wallet.

You can stop feeling stressed about not having exceeded the amount of money you spent on the gift of the fourteenth of February of last year.

Spend the fourteenth of February is not worth it

Image result for feb 14 spendSo that nobody accuses us of being bitter and cynical, we would like to congratulate our readers who have a healthy, happy and loving relationship with their partners, and who have beneficial and beneficial friendships.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate love and friendship a special day or weekend.

But to tell the truth, unlike other traditions, any beneficial psychological effect obtained from seeking the most expensive gift to satisfy social pressures has nothing to do with love.  

The daily attention, kindness and trust shown to your partner are much more important to maintain love than any reckless expense, however romantic.

This means that the fourteenth of February, more than any other celebration, is simply an excuse for certain companies to fill their accounts.

The intelligent couple, then, can make better use of their February fourteen by resisting the temptation to spend money just to brag to others that their romance is as empty and generic as that of others.

On the contrary, you can plan authentic celebrations that have as a basis and sustenance a shared experience that emphasizes the unique qualities of your love.

The best way to not spend more this February fourteen is with the realization of a celebration of daily love, spontaneous and meaningful.

Companies just want you to buy their products, as they want it for the rest of the year, those who sell flowers and chocolates raise their prices to earn more, and you can show your love in many other ways.  

The truth about February 14

Countless marketing messages have left their mark on our memory, turning the fourteenth of February into jewels, flowers, chocolate, good food and drink, and many other consumer items that in the end have nothing to do with love or friendship.

They tell us again and again that this is the way to celebrate the day and that is how you show true love.

But if you really want to celebrate this day in a special way, in its purest form, you could try a thousand original ways to share your feelings with the person you love.

The point is that the customs and behaviors that have become the modern hallmarks of February fourteen are not honest or sincere.

Measuring love for someone in monetary terms speaks more of your purchasing power than the quality of your feelings.

You could hate your partner and give him a Mercedes Benz because you expect this to generate a false image of your relationship towards the outsiders.

The practice of spending money to show your love is the product of the work of astute marketers who have made us consider that money expresses feelings.

Consequently, human psychology has allowed these practices to filter and take over our consciences and, therefore, our economic resources.

Expenses as a compensation gesture are not love

We can not help but wonder how a day that is supposed to have to do with love often turns out to be full of unnecessary expenses, stress and situations of potential danger.

Literally, breaks have been shown to occur more often in the weeks immediately before and after the most romantic day of the year.

The researchers suggest that relationships that are dysfunctional to begin with become more fragile when viewed through the high expectations of significant moments such as February fourteenth.

Therefore, couples with problems can spend more to understand the emotional deficiencies that exist in their relationships, in a gesture to improve or stabilize interpersonal links.

If you are currently fortunate enough to have a relatively healthy and supportive relationship, there is an undeniable pressure to do something special and expensive to show your love when it arrives on February 14th.

In a relationship that is not based on love, trust and love, material expectations are likely to weigh more heavily than they should.

A survey last year revealed that up to 25% of men celebrate the occasion because of a sense of obligation or because they expected to be lucky in some new romance, rather than because they feel a commitment of loving reciprocity with their partner.

Meanwhile, 13% of women said they decided to celebrate because everyone else was doing it.

In general, this type of information lets us see that many people celebrate, buy and spend because others do and not because they are born a pure feeling that invites them to give and share.

Often, this means giving in to social pressure and doing what other couples do. On the fourteenth of February, giving in to these pressures means paying exaggerated prices.

We invite you to celebrate love and friendship in an authentic and sincere way. Do not try to compensate for emotional deficiencies with money, it does not help. It is much more a warm hug and a “I love you”.

At Credifiel we have more articles like this one with relevant information that will help you make better financial decisions. At the same time, we invite you to download our Brief Guide on Financial Culture totally free.

6 tricks to save money for summer vacations

6 tricks to save money for summer vacations

You notice it, right? Summer is here! And, by the way, have you already started saving money for summer vacations? Because surely one of these days, while you were in the park, you have already begun to imagine your ideal vacation.

Shot on a beach in Thailand, with a piña colada in hand, the sun’s heat on your face and the white sand between your toes. Or driving through the tropical savannah, taking pictures of a herd of elephants in the distance and seeing how 5 meter tall giraffes enjoy their breakfast of leaves. Or, perhaps feeling the beat of the city that never sleeps, admiring the architecture of the Empire State and opening its eyes well to the neon Times Square. (Did you know that this year Spaniards are going to travel more abroad on vacation?).

Whatever your dream vacation, we suggest 6 tips for you to save for them.


1. Set a goal to save

<strong>1. Set a goal to save</strong>

If you know that summer holidays will cost € 1,000, for example, calculate how much money you need to save every week or month to achieve that goal. If, in this case, you manage to save € 250 in a couple of months, you will only be halfway there.


2. Make part of your salary go to your savings

<strong>2.</strong> <strong>Make part of your salary go to your savings</strong>

As soon as you receive your payroll, make a transfer of 5% or 10% of your salary to your savings account. Maybe you can even talk to the Human Resources or Finance department to get that part separately.


3. Check your monthly expenses

Identify your essential expenses, such as rent, purchase and bills. And do not forget about other direct debits such as insurance, mobile phone, etc. Once you have located them, enter your bank account at the end of each week to see what other sites your money goes to. At the end of the month you will have an approximate idea about expenses that you can cut or, directly, which you can do without.


4. Establish a budget

Compare the figures of your entertainment expenses with the essential expenses of the previous section and establish a weekly budget. How much do you need for leisure each week? Can you eat out less times? Do you really need that TV subscription in addition to Netflix? This will help you control your spending.


5. Start saving right now


The good thing about looking at the small details is that you can start doing something about it immediately. As they are small, they do not cost as much as the big plans. For example, start eating tupper instead of buying something outside, walk or use the bike instead of the car or earn extra money selling what you do not need.


6. There is an app or tool for all that

Are you looking for discount coupons? Try with Groupon. Do you want to compare prices between supermarkets? Carritus already do it for you. How to monitor and categorize your entire personal economy? Apps like Mooverang are what you are looking for.

Loans without a credit bureau: 7 reasons to request it already

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Loans without a credit bureau can be the best alternative for people who work in the government, retirees and pensioners of the IMSS, as well as employees of PEMEX who are looking for a new option to stabilize their family economy.

Many people may need an ideal credit like the one granted without doing a review of the credit history of the applicant through the Credit Bureau, in this way it will be easier for you to process it. To learn more, read the 7 reasons to apply for your credit without consulting the Bureau:

  1. Because the bureau will not be an impediment: The consultation of the credit bureau is something that stops many people who plan to apply for a loan. There are financial institutions like Credifiel that do not need to use the Bureau to give their clients the opportunity to grow with them.
  2. Because it’s fast and simple: all you have to do is access our page and request your credit online. You do not have to go to a branch: you can do everything in this way and without leaving your home, office or work.
  3. Because the requirements are minimal: Do not waste time collecting paperwork that will cost you a lot of work to find: the keys of your grandmother’s wardrobe, the writings of your house or the birth certificate of your parents. You need documents that you surely have on hand, depending on the sector to which you belong.
  4. Because there are loans for all kinds of people: There are loans that fit your needs and measure. For example, there are credits for government workers, from the health, education, and PEMEX sectors, and for retirees and pensioners of the IMSS. Everyone has access to a credit!
  5. Because it has an agreement with the government: This is a great reward for the work of thousands of government employees so they can meet their goals, their family plans or any project in mind. The government makes things easier for their workers and gives them the ease of having a loan without a credit card and made to measure.
  6. Because it gives you the possibility of remodeling your house: A special loan to give life back to that place in your house that needs it so much: the living room, the dining room, the bathroom or why not? Make the children’s room bigger, that everyone has their space to play, study and enjoy the home.
  7. Because you can apply online: You no longer have to go to the branch to request your credit. No more lines, no more unnecessary waiting, no more time wasted to see if someone can give you a credit to suit you, that understands your economy, that fits the needs of your family and above all that gives you the security to solve that emergency that brings you upside down

This is how loans without Credifiel’s Bureau work, which give you the possibility to check your income via payroll to facilitate the approval of your credit and give you that respite that your life needs.

Know each and every one of the loans we have without having to affect your pocket.

If you are a government employee (natural person), you only need:

  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Have a work seniority of 1 year.
  • That your unit has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive your salary through payroll or a bank card.
  • Proof of address
  • Account status
  • Count on your last two payroll receipts

If you are a teacher , then the requirements for your credit in the education sector are:

  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Have a work seniority of 1 year.
  • That your unit has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive your salary through payroll or a bank card.
  • Have a personal identification
  • Proof of address
  • Account status
  • Count on your last two payroll receipts.

If you are a government employee of the health sector (individual), you should only:

  • Be between 18 and 79 years old.
  • Have a 1 year working seniority.
  • That your unit has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive salary in a payroll or bank account.
  • Proof of address
  • Account status
  • Count on your last two payroll receipts.

If you are a pensioner or retiree of the IMSS or any company, you only need:

  • Have a maximum of 78 years
  • Receive your salary in payroll or via bank card.
  • Have a personal identification.
  • Proof of address.
  • A statement.

If you need a loan to remodel your house , then you must:

  • Be between 18 and 80 years old.
  • Have a seniority of 1 year in your current job.
  • Be a physical person who works in a government agency and has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive salary in payroll account or via bank card.
  • Make a previous photograph of the place prior to construction or remodeling.
  • Budget the housing improvement you want to make.
  • Have two last account statements.

If you thought that the credit bureau is the impediment to request that loan that you need so much and have some of these requirements Do not wait any longer!