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FAIRMONT — A team of 35 athletes from the Fairmont High School Trap Team are heading to Alexandria this weekend. Previously, the team, coached by Scott Fuhrman, had placed fourth out of eight schools at the regional conference, although the Fairmont team includes many younger athletes compared to some of their competitors.

The team running is made up of 35 of the team’s 50 athletes organized into seven teams of five. The five students with the highest score in the state conference can then compete in the state tournament next week.

The most successful team consists of Cass Davis, Colby Leiding, Ethan Madson, Adam Wohlhuter and Dane Breitbarth. Breitbarth, a student entering 8th grade, was the top varsity shooter this year and one of the youngest team members to make it to the state since the team’s inception. After going to university in the 6th year, he wrote there in the 6th and 7th years.

“He wants to shoot well for himself but he also wants to shoot well for his teammates. … He always puts a lot of pressure on himself to do well in everything, be it academically or otherwise. Whatever he seems to take, there puts all his heart. said Jared Breitbarth, Dane’s father.

Dane practices trap shooting up to three days a week with his teammates and family. On Wednesdays, he shoots the league at Truman and attends practice. On Thursdays, he tours with his father and grandfather, Rich Wolf.

“He works on it, and it’s like any other sport. The more you work on it, the better you will get.” said Wolf.

“It’s exciting, but I also like the challenge. I shoot against a lot of better kids and…I like to compare myself to other kids to see where I’m at and how I’m doing. Dane says when asked about competing in the state.

Some of Dane’s favorite things about trap shooting are being able to do the activity as a family and having the ability to trap later in high school and into adulthood. Once in high school, Dane hopes to be in the top hundred in the state and continue to improve. Last season, he narrowly missed that goal; the threshold for making the top hundred being 23.5 of 25 targets while Dane shot 23.2.

At a tournament last Thursday in Owatonna, Dane broke a new personal best hitting 232 out of 250 targets, and finished first in his sub-junior class and first in class D.

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