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The global UPS market size is poised to grow at a significant rate over the forecast period, owing to the growing volume of digital data which has prompted several companies to install large-scale data centers. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can greatly reduce total machine downtime, which may occur due to equipment failure caused by sudden increase in electrical voltage. Below is a regional view of the global industry size expansion trends:

North America (regional valuation over $5 billion):

Online UPS solutions are gaining momentum:

North American market size Online UPS Solutions will register a notable CAGR during the forecast period 2021-2027. These solutions provide constant power supply to many devices and protect them from all kinds of power outages due to brownouts, blackouts, brownouts, and surges.

Many companies offer affordable yet high-quality power technologies. The online UPS solution is mainly used in standby generators to protect devices from power fluctuations. Multiple data centers, retail networks, and large branch offices use online UPS solutions to meet their diverse power needs.

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Role of UPS systems in the healthcare sector:

The healthcare sector in the region will make extensive use of UPS systems as this industry is expanding rapidly. Standby power systems are gaining ground in hospitals, as many critical systems and devices depend on a constant power supply. Additionally, North America has a strong presence of reputable healthcare institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic – Rochester, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Toronto General – University Health Network.

Several area hospitals are installing inverters to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid used to provide critical care services. Since the power supply for vital signs monitors, such as MRIs and CT scanners, must be continuous, strong and non-fluctuating, the demand for UPS systems is bound to increase.

Large enterprises deploy UPS systems:

Large enterprises will hold a major share of the North American industry by 2027, as there is a huge increase in demand for reliable power systems that can support these enterprises. Multinational companies produce millions of data files every day, which can strain the power supply available to data centers.

Growing pressure on the power grid can lead to regular outages and blackouts, which can affect the efficiency of the power system and data storage infrastructure. This scenario has fueled the need for UPS solutions as they are designed to meet large-scale power requirements and use an integrated configuration of fuses, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and control circuitry that improve efficiency. overall transmission.

Asia-Pacific (regional valuation can exceed $3.5 billion):

Digitization of manufacturing experiences:

Asia Pacific Inverter Market Size of the manufacturing sector will exhibit a strong CAGR until 2027. The manufacturing sector is experiencing extensive digitalization, which has increased the need for a power supply with higher voltage capability.

For example, in August 2019, the Indian government launched SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0, to promote the idea of ​​“intelligent and intelligent manufacturing”. Under this concept, industries can use advanced production solutions based on blockchain, IoT and AI technologies. The UPS system transmits clean electricity in the event of power fluctuation or failure, increasing its demand among end users.

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Professional services adopted to provide customized UPS solutions:

The professional services segment will capture a major share of the APAC UPS market by 2027. Professional service providers offer emergency and preventive maintenance services. They provide customized solutions after understanding their clients’ business activities, operational requirements and the level of criticality of various applications.

Professional service providers help businesses find the right voltage capacity to meet the electricity needs of their operations, thereby increasing the demand for these services among customers.

Europe (regional valuation to reach USD 3.5 billion)

The benefits of online interactive UPS solutions are driving their adoption:

The online interactive solutions segment will capture a significant share of European inverter market by 2027. This solution has various characteristics, such as energy efficiency and solid and reliable performance. It provides computing devices with battery backup as well as power conditioning.

Line-interactive UPSs consistently control and condition electrical power to equipment and provide many benefits, such as cost effectiveness and high performance. Since several countries in the region have a high percentage of SMEs, the adoption of online-interactive UPS systems will grow.

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The entertainment and media industry is increasing the installation of inverters:

Europe Entertainment & Media Inverter Market Size to Witness a Robust CAGR through 2027 Triggered by Strong Demand for Over-the-Top (OTT) Services. Countries like Germany, the UK and Italy are seeing a surge in viewership of digital content, forcing content providers to rely heavily on streaming services to meet the demands and preferences of view of their customers.

A powerful UPS unit can offer efficient power supply and conditioning to main business equipment to ensure uninterrupted viewing of videos and audio files, thus catalyzing its demand among media companies.

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