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It is with sadness that I read how the US Department of Agriculture was asked to investigate the Mystic Aquarium, due to the recent death of a beluga whale. The aquarium had indicated that its own spacious facility, which houses several healthy whales, provided a more suitable living space for belugas that were confined to overcrowded quarters at a Canadian facility. Mystic offered to transport a few of these belugas to their own aquatic environment. This caused some controversy and the Mystic Aquarium was attacked by various individuals and groups. An attack found its way into The Day but was found to have come from a fraudulent source, leading the newspaper to apologize for printing it.

As someone who has benefited from researching a marine science project at this aquarium, I followed up with an editorial expressing my experiences there. I don’t know what these investigations will yield. My time at Mystic Aquarium revealed an organization dedicated to public education, search and rescue. The staff seemed to me to be competent, responsible, caring and devoted to the living beings in their care. I recommend a visit to the Mystic Aquarium so you can form your own impression.

Nicholas Checker

New London


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