Renting a Car on Vacation: What Should You Look Out For?

On holiday you sometimes want to do more than laze by the pool or on the beach. A rental car may be the perfect solution! It is a very flexible and independent means of transport, with which you can explore the wide environment at your own pace. Moreover, it is often a cheaper alternative to public transport if you go on a trip with the whole family. With these tips you will find the ideal rental car for a successful holiday in no time!


1. Model

car model

Most car rental companies offer you a wide choice. You usually reserve a certain class. The models and photos on websites and in brochures simply serve as an example. So first and foremost determine how large and what type your rental car should be. An SUV with 7 places? A trendy convertible for two? Or just a sporty saloon with air conditioning?


2. Insurance

Civil liability insurance, which compensates damage to third parties if you cause an accident, is always required by law. Most car rental companies also propose insurance for damage to your own car, a so-called CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Theft insurance or cover against broken glass and damage to the tires and the chassis are also possible. Check carefully which insurance policies are included in the basic rate and which are optional (often a price per day). And certainly ask if there is a franchise .


3. Mileage

car mileage

State clearly in advance which rate you choose, so that you will not be confronted with surprises afterwards. Or an unlimited number of kilometers, so you pay a fixed price regardless of the distance you travel by car. Or you opt for a basic package and you pay a supplement per extra kilometer . The second option is the cheapest if you know that you will not use the car much.


4. Fuel

You usually get a car with a full tank . Do not forget to refill it before returning the car at the end of your holiday. If not, the lessor invoices the difference afterwards, often at a more expensive price. Did you know that some landlords offer a free full tank in their basic rate? An advantage that – literally – can count. So comparing well is the message! Some landlords suggest returning with an empty tank. But that usually works out to your disadvantage. If you can choose, choose to return with a full tank.


5. Taxes and surcharges

5. Taxes and surcharges

There can be a world of difference between the price you find on the internet and the final invoice. Local taxes, reservation costs, surcharges for paying by credit card, extra insurance … A golden tip before you book: always check that everything is included in the total price and have it printed in black on white.


6. One way

Do you want to return your car to a different city than where you picked it up? Or would you prefer to simply take it to the airport at the end of your stay? This is possible with the one-way option. So make sure you check whether it is available at your destination. And whether you have to pay extra for this or not.


7. GPS and accessories

7. GPS and accessories

With most car rental companies you can choose from a lot of accessories: child’s seat, chains (or snow tires), roof rack… Oh yes, check before you reserve an optional GPS or you cannot simply download the map of your destination country on your own GPS or smartphone. This way you can be sure that your journey is up-to-date