Red flag warning in effect; but light rain expected this evening


A red flag warning is in effect today, Monday, September 27, as the Dixie fire remains at 963,276 acres and 94 percent containment.

In the Eastern Zone, fire activity increased throughout the day yesterday, but not as much as expected given the weather conditions. The initial attack group responded to reburns in a few areas within the footprint of the fire and helicopters carried out bucket work in the Genessee Valley.

A new fire caused by a spark from equipment crossed the line in WW / XX Division (see map below), but was contained late last night. Crews continued to clean up hot spots such as Grizzly Ridge, where they also removed dangerous trees and rehabilitated bulldozers and handlines.

They also removed pipes and other unnecessary equipment. Firefighters completed most of the suppression repairs west of the Pacific Crest Trail and continued to Meadow Valley, Quincy and Taylorsville. Repairs also continued at Mount Hough, Davis Lake and Antelope Lake. On Last Chance Road, crews set up heavy equipment to move debris over the bulldozer lines to begin the removal repair process.


They also use chippers to break up debris created during firefighting operations where trees have been cut to make a fire break. This chipped material is often spread over fire lines during suppression repair.

In the western area, the Dixie Fire was less active than expected yesterday. Firefighters continued to patrol and carry out extinguishing repair work around all areas of the western area of ​​the fire perimeter. Burns from needles sunk inside the fire have occurred in recent days, leading to increased smoke production. Ground crews with air support continued to work to extinguish hot spots and any increase in fire activity.

Containment lines were tightened in the northeastern part of the blaze as crews were positioned to respond quickly to increased fire activity or any new fires. Transition team resources shifted their start with the day shift and stayed on the line until late at night, providing additional firefighting capability to monitor fire behavior in the Pine area. Creek Valley.

A red flag warning is in effect until 11 p.m. tonight due to high winds and low humidity forecast. Once again, firefighters will work to keep the fire within containment lines by mitigating dangerous trees and cooling hot spots along Grizzly Ridge and other areas where embers have the potential to carry the fire outside the line. Removal work along the Pacific Crest Trail to the east and other areas will continue. Crews will use a grader to complete the road project.


Light showers will set in this evening and continue into the morning. The dry air will return tomorrow evening.

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