Parades kick off the holidays across Michiana


Ind. (WNDU) – Various parades kicked off the July 4 holiday across Michiana, bringing locals together to celebrate the country.

In Nappanee, the parade began at 11 a.m., with residents coming together to honor local law enforcement, firefighters and those who served.

Residents told 16 News Now that rallies like today’s parade show just how strong the community is.

“I think for me the favorite part just came out supporting law enforcement, fire, EMT. All that. And above all, God and our country,” said Kenny Yoder.

“Amen. And people,” added Mark Clickovich.

In North Liberty, the celebrations started a little later, with the parade kicking off at 2 p.m.

Crowds of residents took to the streets to view the elaborate floats, cars and luxury vehicles, as well as to pick up sweets.

“I love coming here. The 4th of July is our independence, that’s why we have our freedom. It’s to thank everyone who comes to see the parade. The kids love it. It protects them and it’s so much fun to see them laughing, giggling, clapping and having fun,” said VEST member Rachel Ramesh.

Hundreds of people also lined up on US 6 for the “Only in America” ​​parade in Walkerton.

Rachel Moore has been around for 15 years and usually sets up hours in advance

“As small as Walkerton is, usually for the 4th of July parade, we have a lot of activity here. Usually the roads are quite congested. They start closing roads early,” Moore said.

She said that this parade is a family tradition.

“Just thinking that Walkerton is doing this for the city, for the kids and the people, a lot of cities don’t get to experience things like this,” Moore said.

This year has been very special.

“Now I have a son in the military, he’s away on base, so that makes even more sense, so that’s good,” Moore said.

The parade route was 1.5 miles long, starting at the library and middle school, and ending at John Glenn High School for the fireworks.

“I think it’s a good way to start the festivities…we have ours a little later in the evening compared to other cities, but I think it’s a good way to start them and keep them going. to end. You have the parade and then literally everyone walks straight to the fireworks…so by the time the parade ends and you get there, it’s like perfect timing,” Moore said.

Tami Reynolds recently moved to the area and says she loved it

“The people are great. Everyone comes out and supports everyone. It’s awesome, I love it. The parade is awesome,” she said.

The kids thought it was great too, and they especially loved all the candies.

“My grandson and my granddaughter, they are two and four years old. This is their first candy parade. At first they were like, ‘what’s going on?’ Now they’re like they’re stepping aside, gotta go get the candy,” Reynolds said.

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