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A High School Student Introducing has an innovative idea to help families who have limited access to medical care. Nishi Dharia, a resident of Milpitas, has created a low cost neonatal incubator.

During a September 30 demonstration of the Impact Incubator on the Presentation campus in Willow Glen, Nishi said hospital incubators can cost several thousand dollars, which can be beyond the means of rural medical facilities. .

Nishi was born in India, where she found that people in rural areas had limited access to good medical care and that economic hardship was a reality. This led her to design the Impact Incubator for her eighth grade science fair project.

The foldable neonatal incubator is made of water resistant material. They include mosquito nets because in tropical regions mosquito-borne diseases are endemic.

The “Impact Incubator” uses sachets of paraffin wax as a heat source.

“One pocket should be placed on the baby’s tummy and another on his back,” Nishi said.

In grade two at Presentation, Nishi heard about the birth of his cousin’s premature baby in India. While the baby was fortunate enough to be born in a hospital with an incubator, this step renewed Nishi’s desire to help those who do not have access to incubators in India.

Over the summer, she traveled to India and donated incubators to a hospital outside of Bangalore serving rural residents. To date, 125 incubators have been distributed free of charge to families and doctors living in rural areas of India, including the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. By early next year, Nishi hopes to have distributed 500 incubators, expanding its reach across India and other countries like Bangladesh.

“Premature babies need access to health care,” Nishi said. “We have it here; they deserve it too.

Nishi founded a non-profit organization to help produce and distribute more impact incubators. Fashion design is a hobby for her, and she has created accessories to sell online to raise funds for her non-profit organization.

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