MDClone Launches Sole Synthetic Data Platform for Life Sciences RWE Project Collaboration


Connecting Life Sciences Organizations to the World’s Most Innovative Healthcare Systems to Fundamentally Change the Speed ​​of Data Access and Data Security

MDClone, a digital health company and the leader in synthetic data, today announced the launch of the MDClone Connect platform, an innovative workspace enabling cross-organizational collaboration with dynamic access to more than 50 million health records. synthetic patients.

Bringing together life sciences, technology companies and other third-party organizations with leading healthcare systems around the world, the Connect platform will allow users to work together safely and efficiently on projects that will streamline the product development, improve operational and patient outcomes, and strengthen best practices to accelerate healthcare innovation together.

MDClone provides partners with solid, detailed data for in-depth, end-to-end real-world analysis. Using existing ADAMS analytics tools and MDClone’s synthetic data capabilities, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals can efficiently explore healthcare data to accelerate real-world evidence processes. With cutting-edge synthetic data capabilities, users leverage self-service tools to access, analyze, and share information without privacy concerns.

“We created the Connect Platform to address the growing need to connect health systems with life sciences and other third-party organizations that seek faster approaches to discovery. These organizations need rich data and partners to develop, evaluate and implement new discoveries.With the platform, we provide access to the full payload of clinical and EHR data repositories while protecting patient and organization privacy above all else.As As an industry leader in synthetic data, combined with our forward-thinking approaches to self-service data exploration, we offer a unique solution to obtain usable granular data to power RWE projects in record time,” says Robi Wartenfeld, CMO, VP Product Strategy of MDClone.

The Connect Platform is the underlying technology that enables a thriving collaboration called The Global Network, which provides over 30 years of unparalleled data granularity for project exploration and research expertise from over 15 systems healthcare in the United States, Canada and Israel. Available data includes: patient demographics, procedures, diagnoses, lab results, medications, doctors’ notes, pathology reports, patient surveys, genetic markers, test results, imaging, utilization and cost data, social determinants of health and administrative documentation.

MDClone’s comprehensive suite of analysis, synthesis and exploration tools enables life science organizations to:

  1. Collaborate with a global network of clinicians, researchers, and healthcare developers in a space with more than 50 million synthetic patient records

  2. Dynamically visualize and interact with structured and unstructured granular clinical and EHR data with unparalleled speed and security

  3. Identify populations of interest, perform hypothesis testing, and create new models and tools before validating results on real data for publications, regulatory submissions, or clinical trials

“MDClone develops technologies that unite the most innovative minds in healthcare with the data needed to dramatically improve patient care and outcomes. Our deep understanding of how to derive meaningful insights from healthcare systems data provides us with a unique foundation that we use to grow in the changing RWE market.Instead of waiting months for analysis or working with limited pre-aggregated data, the Connect platform allows users to work straight to the source to explore, iterate, and ultimately land on transformative insights faster than ever before,” said Ziv Ofek, Co-Founder and CEO of MDClone.

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About MDClone

MDClone offers an innovative self-service data analytics environment that powers exploration, discovery, and collaboration across healthcare, interagency, and global ecosystems. The powerful underlying infrastructure of the MDClone ADAMS platform enables users to overcome common barriers in healthcare to organize, access and protect the privacy of patient data while accelerating research, improving operations and quality, and driving innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. Founded in Israel in 2016, MDClone serves major healthcare systems, payers and life science customers in the United States, Canada and Israel.

About the Global Network

The Global Network is a member-led collaboration, enabling the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations to work together to conduct research and improve operational and patient outcomes faster. Member sites can invite collaborators to explore synthetic data in a secure, controlled and collaborative environment. The Global Network currently has over 15 member sites worldwide. Powered by MDClone, the network connects healthcare organizations across the life sciences to facilitate partnership, research and healthcare advancement in an unprecedented network model.


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