Lack of Sleep Could Trigger Unhealthy Snacking Habits 2021-11-26


Columbus, OH – People who typically sleep less than seven hours a night may be more likely to snack on salty and sugary foods throughout the day, the results of a recent study from Ohio State University suggest.

The researchers assessed the 2007-2018 data from the National survey of health and nutrition examinations, analyzing the 24-hour food recall responses of nearly 20,000 adults. The results show that sleeping less than seven hours a night likely prompted individuals to consume more carbohydrates, added sugar, fats and caffeine derived from snacks – more than half of which included soda and energy drinks, crisps. , pretzels, cookies and pastries.

The National Sleep Foundation recommended adults sleep seven to nine hours a night.

“We know that lack of sleep is linked to obesity on a larger scale, but it’s all these little behaviors that are ingrained in how it all happens,” Christopher Taylor, study co-author and professor of medical dietetics in the School of Health and Rehabilitation, OSU. Sciences, said in a statement. Unhealthy habits can linger as the day progresses, Taylor added.

“At night, we drink our calories and eat a lot of ready-made foods,” he said. “Not only do we not sleep when we stay awake late, but we adopt all of these obesity-related behaviors: lack of physical activity, increased screen time, food choices that we eat as snacks and not as meals. . So that creates that bigger impact.

The study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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