Horizon’s European space budget reduced to 250 million euros


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Budapest, November 19, 2021. – EU member states and the European Commission have cut the space budget for the Horizon Europe program, Science Business reported.

Industry partners will now have to decide whether it is worth pursuing the project or not.

The partnership to boost the EU’s competitiveness in the global market was due to be launched in June, which was postponed due to protracted negotiations between Member States and the Commission. Today, the planned budget of 1.4-2.2 billion euros for industry and EU money spent on space has been severely cut. The amount has been changed to only 250 million euros by European member states.

As the new budget is too small for larger projects, Eurospace, representing 13 European countries, no longer sees much added value in terms of research in the partnership. However, the reduced budget is not a deciding factor for SME4Space, an association of small and medium enterprises. The association wants to have a say in decision-making and discussions on space policy in Europe.

The news hits hard at the European aeronautical sciences network, which represents universities in aeronautical and space research. The lower funding means that the activities of the partnership are likely to be market oriented, with research organizations being under-represented.


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