Help Can Pay More for My Car Insurance

It is becoming increasingly common for people to have difficulty paying their premiums. If you do not pay the premium, are you insured?

If you ever forget to pay the premium or you do not have enough money in your account at the time of the direct debit, the car insurer will try to collect the premium again within 7 days. If this fails, you will receive a payment reminder after 14 days. You will then receive 30 days from the insurer to pay the premium. If you do not do this, the car insurance coverage will lapse. If you have not yet paid, the car insurer will cancel your policy due to non-payment.


What then?

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You still have to pay the premium that you owe. The payment obligation therefore remains. Only when you have paid the outstanding premium in full will the insurer restore the cover. This never happens retroactively. So if you pay the premium today, the insurer will receive it tomorrow and you will be insured again from the day after tomorrow. You do have to take into account reminder costs. These differ per insurer.



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The RDW checks annually whether all cars are insured. If it turns out that you are uninsured, you will receive a fine of 380 euros. The RDW can impose this fine three times a year, so the fine can amount to 1140 euros.


Damage claim

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If you continue to drive uninsured with your car, you do not only have a chance of being fined. But when you cause damage, the costs will be recovered from you. The victim cannot submit a claim to your motor insurer, but it can submit a claim to the Motor Vehicle Guarantee Fund. The fund will then recover the damage from you. These can be high claims that would otherwise be paid by your car insurer.


Avoid a fine or damage claim, take out car insurance

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So do not run a risk of a fine or damage claim, but insure your car. Car insurance does not have to be expensive at all. There are already motor insurance policies from 5 euros.

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