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After seeing one of the newly hatched chicks collapse to the ground, quick researchers from the University of Rzeszów rushed to the rescue.
Rzeszowski University/Facebook

A family of ducklings hatched inside a tree have been rescued after one was spotted falling to the ground from its nest 10 meters high.

Ornithologists from the University of Rzeszów were monitoring the brood near the university campus after the mother duck built her nest in a hollow.

But when she called them to join her, researchers were horrified to see one of the newly hatched chicks leap up and dive to the ground.

In behavior atypical for mallards, the mother had hatched her nest in a tree hollow 10 meters above the ground. Rzeszowski University/Facebook

The quick-witted searchers then rushed to lay pillows under the nest to cushion the others’ fall.

Posting on social media, the university said: “Dr. Natalia Tańska and MA Iryna Miedviedieva, seeing the hatched chicks in the hollow, covered the base of the tree with pillows to ensure a safe landing for the chicks. smaller.

“It was necessary because newly hatched ducklings can swim well but cannot fly at all.

Rzeszowski University/Facebook

When firefighters arrived they were able to rescue the remaining five ducklings from the tree.Rzeszowski University/Facebook

“Unfortunately, the remaining chicks were too scared to jump from such a high hollow.

“After a while, the female duck took the only chick that joined her and went with it to the nearby Matysówka stream.”

After trying to reach the five remaining ducklings by a ladder, bird watchers called firefighters for help.

“Quacky ever after”: the duck family was happily reunited the next day.Rzeszowski University/Facebook

But after managing to get them to safety, rescuers were unable to find the mother duck.

The university said: “As evening came and it was impossible to locate the mother of the ducklings, Dr Natalia Tańska cared for them until the next day.

“The cubs were fed and placed in a makeshift pool with lukewarm water, then spent the night in a box.

Duck rescuers have now been hailed as heroes.Rzeszowski University/Facebook

“From the next morning, the search for a mother duckling continued, so that the rescued chicks could join her.

“In the afternoon, the female was located and reunited with her ducklings, which she immediately cared for.”

The rescuers have now been showered with applause on social media, with fans calling them heroes.


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