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BUTTE – Another remarkable effort from one of Class A’s most dangerous scorers and a late-game defensive adjustment helped the Maroons smother a charge from the Broncs in the second half, as the women’s basketball team Butte Central ball beat Frenchtown 49-43 on Saturday at the Maroon Activity Center in Butte.

Central were actually leading end to end, but there were stretches of the second half where the Maroons struggled to regain control of the game after a dominant first half. Playing without elder Sofee Thatcher, who averages about 32 minutes per game, and sophomore Kathryn Lalicker, who averages about 21 minutes per game, the Maroons’ lead was reduced to 32-31 with about six minutes to play.

The Broncs took a time out after a pair of free throws from Mollie Drew that took him to 34-31. Coming out of the break, Central came out in a press for the first time in the entire game and forced a turnaround in the backcourt which led to immediate points, a layup from Drew to bring the score to 36-31 . Frenchtown never regained his pace on offense, as the majority of the Broncs’ points came via setbacks or free throws the rest of the course.

“I really didn’t want to have to press just because we’re running out of numbers,” Murphy said. “But that’s something we are used to doing, so I wanted to wait until we hit the five or four minute mark before we started to press. I figured we would have enough legs to complete the match.”

As precious seconds and minutes passed for the Broncs, who lacked playmaker Cassidy Bagnell, they were ultimately forced to commit a foul in an attempt to extend the game. However, time and time again, the Maroons have managed to get the ball back into the hands of their favorite scorer Brooke Badovinac.

“I thought she was out tonight and struggled at first, but then she just lifted her head up and she didn’t back down,” Murphy said. “She’s a good player. She’s going to be fun to watch.”

Badovinac finished with 27 points and finished 10 for 11 on the free throw line in the fourth quarter as she put the game on ice.

Butte Central led 24-16 at halftime, but the Maroons were more dominant than the score suggests. Frenchtown coach Tim Yeager begged his team to be more aggressive as the Broncs settled for contested outside jumpers.

“Anytime you have an injury we have our three-year-old playmaker (Bagnell) on the bench, you’re going to expect some nervousness from us,” he said. “And I think we responded well to some criticism in the first half and made a few adjustments, and we fought. We settled in early and came out a little flat. You can’t do that against good. teams. “

The Broncs came out with a sense of urgency after the break, reducing the Maroons’ lead to 32-27 before the final eight minutes.

“They play hard, they train hard and it was less about the basketball at halftime and more about the effort and energy and intensity,” Yeager said. “They came out and we fought back.”

The Maroons were in shock when Brenna Foley left the game with a foul problem in the third minute of the third quarter. Central was leading 30-22 when she was substituted with four fouls. The Broncs were able to get clean looks due to communication and rotation issues atop the Maroons’ 3-2 zone, and reduced the deficit to 32-27.

Foley came back before the end of the third and played to the three-minute mark of the fourth until she ended up fouling a call that could have gone both ways. But that was enough time to help the Maroons regain control of the game.

“They were getting closer to our score so I didn’t want them to end up winning in the long run,” Foley said of his state of mind upon his return. “So I just did my best not to let them score and to box well.”

“When she picked up her fifth (foul) I thought the girl had traveled past us before (Foley) to go get the ball,” Murphy said.

Ella Moodry was a threat in defense for the Maroons, constantly disrupting the Broncs’ attempts to place the ball in the low block. When she came away with a flight or a long bounce, she was masterful in transition with almost perfect decision making.

“She gets better every game with it,” Murphy said of the sophomore. “I think back to the first game and she could outrun anyone, but she didn’t make very good decisions. And tonight I think she did a great job. She was just a real vocal leader on the pitch. And I thought she made some really good decisions. “

Drew, who was often the recipient of Moodrys’ assists in transition as the two were in sync throughout the game, finished with nine points. Moodry and Payton Hartwick added five more each for Central.

Carah Evans punctuated the Broncs’ offense with 15 points, all 3 points. She, Sadie Smith and Alexis Godin were instrumental in leading Frenchtown’s charge in the second half. Smith finished with 12 points and Godin had nine.

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