Biocomposites to Host Symposium and Present New STIMULAN® Data at European Bone and Joint Infection Society Annual Meeting


KEELE, England, September 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Biocomposites, a global medical device company that designs, manufactures and markets leading products for the management of bone and soft tissue infections, today announces that it will present data from three new studies at the next 39e European Bone & Joint Infection Society (EBJIS) Annual Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 7-9, 2021.

The three in vitro studies demonstrate the comparative effectiveness of STIMULAN beads when mixed with other substances, including antibiotics and antifungals. Specifically, the research results have shown that:

  • STIMULAN can successfully elute antifungal agents at levels above the MICs determined for a number of fungal pathogens, including Candida albicans and Candida auris.
  • STIMULAN beads mixed with vancomycin and tobramycin provide sustained release of antibiotics at concentrations above inhibition for longer than a single bolus of antibiotic.
  • The STIMULAN beads used with a spacer loaded with antibiotics offer an extended zone of biofilm destruction.

Biocomposites will also host a symposium, with Dr Andrej Trampuz, head of the infectious disease and septic surgery department at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to: “The role of STIMULAN® as a local antibiotic transporter in complex cases of infected bone and soft tissue. “

Professor Gordon ramage, PhD, FHEA, FRCPath, FECMM, Glasgow university noted: “Our experiments show that STIMULAN calcium sulfate beads can be an effective carrier of key antifungal agents to prevent biofilm formation by key fungal species, which are under-recognized and underestimated in joint and bone infections. wounds. “

Paul Stoodley, PhD. Director, Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF), Professor, Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity and Orthopedics, Infectious Diseases Institute, The Ohio State University noted: “I am delighted to present our laboratory research on the effect of STIMULAN beads containing antibiotics on bacterial biofilms at EBJIS. Our results show that beads containing multiple antibiotics placed in close proximity can kill all bacteria in a biofilm, including resistant and persistent cells. , which normally survive doses of conventional antibiotics. With antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of growing global concern, these findings and the use of STIMULAN may have a significant impact in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Additionally, in a second study, we demonstrate how beads containing two types of antibiotics may be more effective at killing bacteria in a mixed biofilm than beads containing only one type. The majority of chronic infections develop biofilms containing a variety of pathogens that are sensitive to different antibiotics and therefore are more difficult to treat.

Michael harris, CEO of Biocomposites, added: “Biocomposites is delighted to present new STIMULAN data at this distinguished annual meeting. As the orthopedic community once again comes together in person to share its latest research, Biocomposites is uniquely positioned to demonstrate its continued efforts to develop first-class knowledge to deepen the knowledge of surgeons and develop innovative products that enable surgeons to improve the outcomes of their patients by fighting postoperative infections. ”

Details of the abstracts accepted at the EBJIS annual meeting are listed below:

Summary 1: In vitro Investigations into the release of amphotericin B and caspofungin from calcium sulfate beads
Authors: Mr Boucher1, R Wilson Van-Os2, L Horns2, C Delury2, PA Laycock2, G Ramage1

1 University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
2 Biocomposites Ltd, Technical Research, Keele, UK

Summary 2: Determination of Elution Kinetics of Antibiotic-Loaded Calcium Sulfate, PMMA Spacers, and Powdered Antibiotic Bolus Using a Reactor Flow System

Authors: DH Dusane1, C Peters1, J Brooks1, K Moore1, C Delury2, PA Laycock2, R Wilson-van Os2, SS Aiken2, A Sullivan1, JG Granger1, P Stoodley1

1 The Ohio State University
2 Biocomposites Ltd, Technical Research, Keele, UK

Summary 3: The distribution of the antibiotic-laden calcium sulfate beads extends the zone of biofilm destruction beyond the spacer In vitro

Authors: Devendra Hiraman Dusane1, Jack brooks1, Casey peters1, Nicolas farrar1, Phillip A Laycock2, Sean aiken2, Craig delury2, Edward J McPherson3, Anne C Sullivan1, Jeffrey F Granger1, Paul Stoodley1

1 The Ohio State University
2 Biocomposites Ltd, Technical Research, Keele, UK
3 LA orthopedic institute

STIMULAN is used by surgeons around the world as part of their infection management strategy. When mixed with antibiotics, STIMULAN offers unparalleled flexibility to allow surgeons to use the antibiotics of their choice at patient-specific concentration levels, dramatically improving patient outcomes and decreasing readmissions to the hospital. hospital.

Within the past 18 months, Biocomposites has received European approval for mixing STIMULAN with antibiotics: vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin, for use in infected bones and soft tissues, and Canadian approval for use in treating bacterial infections of the soft tissues surrounding bone, making it the first and only approved calcium matrix that can contain an antibiotic to treat bacterial infection. Biocomposites also launched the STIMULAN Rapid Cure 3cc product in the United States, designed specifically for small voids in the foot and ankle, orthopedic reconstruction and trauma procedures.

STIMULAN is already used worldwide in more than 50,000 cases each year and in thousands of hospitals around the world.

About biocomposites

Biocomposites is an international medical device company that designs, manufactures and markets advanced products for use in the management of infections in bone and soft tissue. Based in Keele, UK, it has global operations across Europe, United States, Canada, China and India. Biocomposites is a world leader in the development of innovative calcium compounds for surgical use. Its products regenerate bones and target infection risks in various specialties, including musculoskeletal infections, orthopedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, podiatry and sports injuries. Biocomposite products are now used in more than 120,000 procedures per year and sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Please visit to learn more.

About the European Society for Bone and Joint Infections (EBJIS)

A non-profit association, EBJIS aims to promote knowledge of all infections affecting the musculoskeletal system (infections of the bones and joints), and to promote the prevention and treatment of these infections.

EBJIS organizes an annual meeting that brings together experts, practitioners and companies involved in the treatment of bone and joint infections. Professionals attending the conference benefit from high-level scientific presentations, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, with a scientific program featuring lectures, free communication sessions, industry symposia and posters. This year, the theme of the meeting will be “Optimizing the diagnosis and management of bone and joint infections”. For more information, please visit

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