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Science Switch was launched as part of Bayer’s global “Making Science Make Sense” (MSMS) initiative to help develop science literacy among students in a different and effective way.

Taking place at the Khan Quang Do offices, the launch event hosted around 80 attendees representing OUCRU, Bayer, the publisher and members of the project team, including scientists, content developers and publishers. More than 60 students from middle and high schools in Ho Chi Minh City also attended the event.

This year, the content of the project will primarily focus on selected topics from middle and high school science textbooks, based on a student vote, and will feature ‌three‌ ‌methods‌ ‌‌‌ learning, including science‌ ‌infographics‌ ‌ (reading), science‌ ‌explanatory‌ ‌videos (watching) and online science quizzes (practice).

Ingo Brandenburg, Managing Director of Bayer Vietnam. Photo by Bayer Vietnam

The development process will involve scientists working in related fields, young editors and experienced media agencies to ensure that the final works are not only scientifically accurate, but also suited to the tastes of younger generations.

Teaching and learning science as a school subject has been a challenge for teachers and students, as many find the content of textbooks confusing or tedious. Science Switch 2022 will spark the joy of science in children by presenting curriculum content in a new and engaging light.

First launched in 2021, the Science Switch project has virtually reached more than one million people across the country in the form of science comics, podcasts and online engagement events.

“Following this success, OUCRU has continued to explore various innovative and exciting forms of science-based activities to stimulate engagement among schoolchildren and enhance their passion for science and its application in daily life,” said Vu. Duy Thanh, Head of School and Youth Engagement at OUCRU. Scientific program, said.

Students from middle and high schools in Ho Chi Minh City attend the event.  Photo by Bayer Vietnam

Students from middle and high schools in Ho Chi Minh City attend the event. Photo by Bayer Vietnam

In addition to online activities on the digital hub, the second phase of Science Switch 2022 plans to provide students with more interactive activities, including a “Friends of Science”-themed science competition and a 3D virtual exhibition where the top 10 projects of the aforementioned competition will be presented digitally. in an exciting and engaging format, providing unique and realistic experiences for online visitors.

Ingo Brandenburg, Managing Director of Bayer Vietnam, said, “As a leading life science company, Bayer has its foundations in science, innovation and research and we would like to advance education STEM for Youth and seek to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and innovators through the MSMS initiative. We believe this project will reach many more students, helping them find their place in the digital age of scientific research and practice.

Nguyen Khac Cuong, Editor-in-Chief of Khan Quang Do Publisher, pointed out that the collaboration with OUCRU and Bayer Vietnam will develop engaging and student-friendly learning materials to spark interest in science.

In the 2021 financial year, the group employed around 100,000 people and achieved a turnover of 44.1 billion euros. R&D expenses before exceptional items amounted to 5.3 billion euros.


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