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AYERSVILLE – The local Ayersville school board received an update on a pair of levy campaigns at its regular meeting on Monday.

The board also heard from a handful of people representing the Facebook group, “North West Ohio Community Against Medical Mandate,” about the mask mandate put in place in the district on September 9 (see related article, page A1).

In her report, Superintendent Beth Hench explained that the Levy committee met earlier this month.

“Since our last meeting, the Levy campaign planning process has started,” Hench said. “A planning meeting took place on September 8 and another is scheduled for Wednesday. I ask you to mark your calendars for a town hall meeting on our renewal of fees scheduled for Wednesday September 29, from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm ”

Hench concluded his report by congratulating the students and staff.

“I wanted to end by saying how proud I am of our students and staff, and the work they have accomplished since the start of the school year,” said Hench. “In many ways this year has been more difficult than the last. Even when we expect things to change on a daily basis, it doesn’t help matters. I am very grateful for the continued collaborative effort that is made to ensure that our students are safe and educated in the best possible way.

“Our directors each have a theme for the year,“ I MUST ”versus“ I HAVE TO ”: what is your choice today? And “Better Together,” Hench continued. “I don’t believe a school theme has ever been more appropriate. We choose to stay positive and we choose to be better together. “

CFO / Treasurer Abby Sharp gave the board an update on real estate tax revenues, as well as casino tax revenues.

Sharp shared that the district received its real estate payment in the second half of the year, which was $ 572,000 more than last year (up $ 60,000 from the 2019 payment).

“Remember that last year’s payment was low due to approved tax exemptions and refunds granted,” Sharp said.

As for the casino’s revenue, Sharp shared the payout of $ 23,549.94, the highest August payout the district has ever received.

In other matters, counsel:

• approved the tuition rate set by the Ohio Department of Education for 2021-2022, the rate is $ 7,049.97 for state students and $ 11,807.33 for students from out of state.

• Acceptance of several student activity budgets for 2021-2022.

• voted to create the following funds: ARP IDEA-B; Title I Widening the opportunities; ARP IDEA Early Childhood; and Title IV.

• approved the following revenue adjustments: increase in the general fund, $ 363,072; Special Trust Increase, $ 1,710; Increase in endowments, $ 58; Decrease in support for public schools, $ 14,835; District agency decrease, $ 17,000; Student management activities increase by $ 35,160.83; Increase in activities managed by the district, $ 31,975; ARP ESSER increase of $ 135,988.80; IDEA-B increase, $ 33,995.59; Increase in Title I, $ 1,765.29; IDEA Early Years Increase, $ 2,516.60; Increase in Title IV, $ 10,000; and decrease in other grants, $ 10,000.

• Validation of permanent appropriations for the 2022 financial year.

• voted for the list of certified replacements and the list of paraprofessionals / substitutes classified for 2021-22.

• accepted the resignations of the following individuals: Kaylin Brown, effective August 30; and Carl Luersman, effective August 29.

• approved Bethany Wolf as a Category II volunteer for 2021-2022; and Jason Luthy as a teacher mentor for 2021-2022.

• The following column has been moved in the respective salary scale for 2021-2022: Heather Anderson at MA, step 12; Alexis Arts at MA15, step 14; Adam Baker at MA30, step 9; Lindsay Baker at MA30, step 8; Kristine Brickner at MA15, step 10; Melissa Brown at MA30, step 9; Cindy Davis at MA30, step 25; Sheryl Goonan at MA30, step 18; Julie Gustwiller at MA30, Stage 12; Jason Luthy at MA30, step 12; Janelle Lymanstall at MA, stage 7; Audra Manriquez at MA15, step 10; Tamara Rau at MA30, step 15; Kristen Rausch at MA15, stage 2; Eric Roberts at MA15, step 15; and Lori Tyler at MA30, step 25.

• voted for the following chairs for the high quality student data committee, Adam Baker, co-chair; Laura Inkrott, co-chair (50%); and Rob Luderman, co-chair (50%).

• approved the following registrations to school-related organizations: Ayersville Athletic Boosters; Ayersville Football Parents Association; Ayersville music amplifiers; and Ayersville PTO.

• OK recognition of a gymnastics program from November 2021 to March 2022 to allow students to participate in gymnastics competitions as members of the district. All costs, travel and liability will be the responsibility of the individual.

• Voted for an overnight trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, March 16-20, 2022.

• approved the Pension Compliance and Administration Services Agreement with TSA Consulting Group, effective October 1.

• accepted the following donations: $ 33.33 from an anonymous donor to the 2021 class; $ 50 from Deborah Weisengerber to the incentive fund; $ 200 from Citizens National Bank in men’s basketball; $ 150 from an anonymous donor to the participation fees; $ 100 from Tiffany Hattemer for participation fees; and 26 copies of “Night Before Christmas”, by Frieda Stritt, valued at $ 294.79.


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