After School Learning Center receives Million Girls Moonshot grant


Andrew Ganucheau, director of the Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning in the SciTEC division of Louisiana Tech’s College of Education, received a grant from the STEM Next Opportunity Fund as part of the Million Girls Moonshot initiative.

The Million Girls Moonshoot effort inspires and prepares the next generation of innovators by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through after-school and summer programs over the next five years. Through Million Girls Moonshot’s approach, young people across the country will be engaged in STEM in a way that inspires girls to become builders, creators and problem solvers.

Girls are under-represented in STEM as they make up less than a third of the science and technology workforce in the United States, according to the Million Girls Moonshot.

“Encouraging and supporting women in STEM is essential if we as a society are able to address some of the fundamental challenges of the present,” said Dr Lindsey Vincent, Associate Dean for Research, Advocacy and Advocacy. innovation at the College of Education. “The Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning provides a number of supports to professionals and learners in the extra-curricular time space. We are delighted that this award provides funding for further support to STEM efforts outside of school for this important sub-demographic of our student populations.

This activity is one of many taking place at the Center for Science and Technology Education (SciTEC) of the College of Education to help inspire and educate girls and women who wish to engage in STEM disciplines.

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