Advice on mortgage lending: time is now ripe

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According to a recent study by the German Real Estate Association (IVD), the hour has come for home buying. Because the interest rates for construction loans will hardly fall even more, while real estate prices continue to rise. Home ownership is therefore currently more affordable than ever. With the right advice, interested parties will also find the optimal mortgage lending.

For the home purchase, the conditions are currently almost never. According to the IVD, “the affordability of owner-occupied housing has reached a historic high .” Real estate prices have risen moderately in 2014. But at the same time interest rates on such loans have declined significantly. In addition, the income of consumers has increased due to rising wages. In view of these three factors – real estate prices, interest rates and income – the real estate association comes to the conclusion that it is now “a good time for German tenant households to think about the acquisition of their four walls and thus a central contribution to their own asset accumulation and security of supply in old age afford to.”

Advice on mortgage lending: Two out of five Germans want a home

For the appropriate offer for real estate financing, the advice on mortgage lending remains in focus. For months, interest in home ownership has continued unabated, as has recently been confirmed by a study commissioned by Hannoversche Leben. According to this, almost two-thirds of people between the ages of 18 and 24 want their own property. In total, 43 percent of respondents want their own four walls .

But residential real estate is not affordable in all regions of Germany. Thus Munich remains according to IVD an expensive plaster for homebuyers. Also other big cities like

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Stuttgart and
  • Dusseldorf

score less well in comparison. In contrast, Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig are the most affordable housing regions among the big cities.