6 tricks to save money for summer vacations

6 tricks to save money for summer vacations

You notice it, right? Summer is here! And, by the way, have you already started saving money for summer vacations? Because surely one of these days, while you were in the park, you have already begun to imagine your ideal vacation.

Shot on a beach in Thailand, with a piña colada in hand, the sun’s heat on your face and the white sand between your toes. Or driving through the tropical savannah, taking pictures of a herd of elephants in the distance and seeing how 5 meter tall giraffes enjoy their breakfast of leaves. Or, perhaps feeling the beat of the city that never sleeps, admiring the architecture of the Empire State and opening its eyes well to the neon Times Square. (Did you know that this year Spaniards are going to travel more abroad on vacation?).

Whatever your dream vacation, we suggest 6 tips for you to save for them.


1. Set a goal to save

<strong>1. Set a goal to save</strong>

If you know that summer holidays will cost € 1,000, for example, calculate how much money you need to save every week or month to achieve that goal. If, in this case, you manage to save € 250 in a couple of months, you will only be halfway there.


2. Make part of your salary go to your savings

<strong>2.</strong> <strong>Make part of your salary go to your savings</strong>

As soon as you receive your payroll, make a transfer of 5% or 10% of your salary to your savings account. Maybe you can even talk to the Human Resources or Finance department to get that part separately.


3. Check your monthly expenses

Identify your essential expenses, such as rent, purchase and bills. And do not forget about other direct debits such as insurance, mobile phone, etc. Once you have located them, enter your bank account at the end of each week to see what other sites your money goes to. At the end of the month you will have an approximate idea about expenses that you can cut or, directly, which you can do without.


4. Establish a budget

Compare the figures of your entertainment expenses with the essential expenses of the previous section and establish a weekly budget. How much do you need for leisure each week? Can you eat out less times? Do you really need that TV subscription in addition to Netflix? This will help you control your spending.


5. Start saving right now


The good thing about looking at the small details is that you can start doing something about it immediately. As they are small, they do not cost as much as the big plans. For example, start eating tupper instead of buying something outside, walk or use the bike instead of the car or earn extra money selling what you do not need.


6. There is an app or tool for all that

Are you looking for discount coupons? Try with Groupon. Do you want to compare prices between supermarkets? Carritus already do it for you. How to monitor and categorize your entire personal economy? Apps like Mooverang are what you are looking for.